Our Team

At Studio Spectrum, we take great pride in the diverse skills and strengths of everyone on our team. What doesn’t vary, though, is their commitment to doing the best job possible on every project.

Every team member knows that the most important goal in every project is to exceed the client’s expectations!

It is no easy task to assemble a group that understands the importance of that, while also possessing such a wide range of talents and unique expertise. Take a moment to meet our team below:


Ken Buckowski, CTS-D



Ken is Studio Spectrum’s founder and continues to be the driving visionary behind the company.

One only need talk to him for a minute to grasp his passion and expertise for everything related to technology and communication. He brings that passion to every project and ensures that the rest of his team does as well.

His decades of experience is integral to our consulting division as well as in overseeing the design and implementation of our largest, most challenging projects. Tackling a “never-been-done-before” project is his specialty!

Ken is our resident world traveler. Ask him about his production work in Haiti for an interesting story!


John Buckowski, CTS



John manages most of our large design/build and installation projects, specializing in our larger corporate and higher education projects.

From the initial design phase all the way through to construction, his attention to detail and skilled project management keeps our installation teams coordinated and on schedule. He also personally ensures our crews are meeting Studio Spectrum’s high quality control standards,

He leaves no doubt that he is there to worry about the details so you don’t have to.

If you need help starting your campfire, John is your man. He is an Eagle Scout!


Heather King, CTS

Control and Automation Specialist


Heather’s background with programming and computers allows her to assist with all of our departments in one way or another.

If it’s an installation, she can be found handling the control systems. If it’s a production, you’ll find her overseeing the web streaming. If she is around the office, she’ll be keeping our own computers and network running.

Rumor has it, if you bring her a cup of good coffee, she might even help you fix your home computer.


Adam Croll

Lead Installer


If it is one thing we have learned in our decades of installation work, it’s that something unexpected always comes up. Adam is our resident expert for solving unexpected problems!

Adam is responsible for keeping our installation teams on schedule and on budget. His skills and creativity make him ideal for managing the unique situations that arise on every job.

Speaking of unique situations, Adam and his wife Courtney have a bunny sanctuary! If you’re ever looking, they foster adorable rabbits that are in need of a good home!


Tim Drummond

Production Manager


When it comes to productions and live events, Tim is here to handle any need that could arise.

His attention to detail ensures that all runs smoothly and it is hard to resist his infectious enthusiasm on show days. He is particularly skilled in dealing with the challenges that tend to spring up suddenly during live event productions. He’s seen it all.

An added bonus, if you are looking for inspiration for your home theater you’ll have to ask him about his screening room. It’s off the charts!


Michelle Buckowski

Education Division